Linearity FD BNP (Extended)

The Linearity FD BNP (Extended) is assayed quality control material consisting of five levels of human plasma. Each level contains the following analytes: BNP-32 and NT-Pro BNP. These five levels demonstrate a linear relationship to each other for their respective analytes. It is intended to simulate human patient serum samples for purpose of determining linearity, calibration verification and verification of reportable range for BNP-32 and NT-Pro BNP.


This product is intended for use with quantitative assays on the indicated analyzer provided in the labeling. The Linearity FD BNP (Extended) should not be used for calibration or standardization of the BNP-32 and NT-Pro BNP assays. The Linearity FD BNP (Extended) is for In Vitro Diagnostic use only

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